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Presbyopic Reading Glasses with Bluelight Filter

If you find it difficult to read books or see characters on your laptop or phone. This Eyeglass is for you. 

Normal Price: 22,500

Promo Price: 15,500

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Why you should Get this Eyeglasses and say goodbye to Reading difficulty and teary eyes.

Very Durable and Light Weight

This Eyeglasses only weigh 17.05 grams. Produced with high-grade, lightweight materials into the perfect pair of glasses. You can wear them for hours and forget you have them on.

Intelligent zoom reading mirror

You do not need to remove the glasses, to see items of different shapes and sizes, From your computer to receipts to your phone moving the line of sight from top to bottom, you can see the far and near and the different visual areas of the lens this is due to the intelligent zoom feature of this glasses.

Suitable for a variety of occasions

Anti-blue light progressive multifocal glasses for indoor or outdoor, all-weather wear, for people with presbyopia problems, especially when reading books, newspapers, watching TV, playing games, traveling, gathering, or walking, this is A thoughtful and practical  vision helper

Sleek beautiful Unisex Design

Very fashionable design, you can wear it to work, at home, while driving, it suits every dress.

It is also very reliable, due to its anti-wear, anti-drop, lens light, resin HD, optimized thickness design, lightweight, ultra-thin, sturdy, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and oil-proof, providing you with more reliable safety protection.

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