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It removes Harmful Toxins from the body, reduces the Chances of Kidney failure, Reduces Inflammation, and Helps aid digestion.

Due to its many active ingredients such as WORMWOOD which Helps maintain physical fitness, SAFFRON which helps Boost sexual Libido in both men and women and GINSENG which boosts Your immune system and increases Brain funtion

Features and Use of this Hercules Lymphatic Foat

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Removes Body Toxins and Refreshes the Body

This Hercules Lymphatic uses an ancient blend of Chinese medical herbs increases circulation, the reproductive system, relieves pain, draws out impurities, purifies and removes toxins, and tones the skin. The active ingredients are absorbed deeply to regulate lymph drainage, as well as detoxification, and boost immunity.

Immersing feet in a tub of warm Herbetox™ is a nice way to relax after a long day. It offers a luxurious at-home spa experience with ultimate refresh and relaxation.

Improves Digestion and reduces Inflammation!

You will get relief from inflammation and redness of your skin due to viral and bacterial infections, It also stimulates rest and relaxation by increasing your digestion rate due to the presence of the Active ingredient GINGER in the Foot soak.

Weight Loss and Sliming

This Hercules Foot Soak works to improve blood flow through the body in a similar fashion as exercising or going for a walk whilst simultaneously having a foot massage, thus substantially reducing the chances of insomnia, illness, disease and improving weight loss.

Major Active Ingredients in This Hercules Foot Soak

In addition to the above benefits of this Hercules Lymphatic Foot Soak it has some more benefits such as;

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