Work, Run, play and dance as much as you want without getting tired easily or feeling horrible back pain...

follow These 3 Simple Daily Habits.

Gain strong natural energetic body without using addictive harmful chemicals whatsoever.

The 3 Basic 2000 Years Old Healthy Habits That Can't Be Replaced By Any Drug And How It Can Work For You!

95% of the diseases that kill older adults today is labeled life style based disease. The reason they are
categorized like this is because most of the things that creates abnormal conditions in the body are behavioral.

This means that, if you can watch your health habits, you can notice the loop holes, and quickly adjust your living to support a stronger, longer and healthier body.

1. REST - 10%

Rest is difficult to describe since it can mean different things to different people. Any action that aims to improve one’s bodily or mental well-being is referred to as rest. It might be active, like taking a stroll outside, or passive, like sitting for 10 minutes and breathing deeply. 


These regular habits can help you recuperate and recharge from physical and mental exertion, regardless of how you choose to rest. As a result, getting more rest is connected to improved physical and mental health.


Sleep, on the other hand, is a body-mind condition in which people become detached from their environment. Sleep is a vital bodily function that affects every system in the body, from cognitive function to immunological health. Sleep can help us reset and recuperate.


Generally, if you can rest well…not joking with your sleep, you’re equally taking care of 10% part of what it takes for you to keep a strong and long body and mind.

Benefits of Adequate Rest.

  • Good retention and concentration ability. Helps you to master focus and reduces your level of distraction from fatigued body.


  • Reduced stress and anxiety. Helps your body to go through a deep system reset that triggers your anti-stress hormones and puts your body in a functional and effective state.


  • Decreased blood pressure. You have the luxury of reducing your blood pressure just by deciding to rest. This triggers your nerves and muscles to relax and shorts-out the pressure your blood exerts on your arteries.


  • Improve immune health. Everything works perfectly once you’re having enough rest. Likewise, your critical defense system is at its peak in the moments of enough energy which also results from enough rest.

2. EXERCISE - 10%

Today, exercise is a more pronounced part of keeping a healthy body. In fact, exercise not only promotes your body strength, it directly impacts the state of your mind and the ability of your brain to function effectively and efficiently.


Any activity that causes your muscles to work and forces your body to burn calories is considered exercise.


Swimming, running, jogging, walking, and dancing are just a few examples of physical activities.


Being physically and intellectually active has been proved to offer several health advantages. It might even help you live a longer life.

Benefits of Regular Exercise.

  • Can help with weight loss. While exercising, your body increases its metabolism which in return burns calorie faster. This activity can help remove unwanted fat in your body. 


  • Reduced stress and anxiety. Helps your body to shift its concentration and create a mental balance that gives you sense of growth. This will bring good feeling and confidence in you


  • Stronger body and bones. Activities like weight lifting, with proper protein diet, helps your body to absorb amino acid which aids bone growth and reduces break down.


  • Improve skin health. Although, heavy exercise can trigger your body’s production of oxidative stressor which damages some skin cell; regular moderate exercise stimulates the flow of blood that can induce skin cell adaptation that delays aging.

3. DIET - 80%

The things that will help you live longer lie in what you eat. Your feeding habit, more than any other factor is largely responsible for how you look, how you feel, and healthy you are.


This is why the ancient philosopher Aristotle says…

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”


Any thing you put in your mouth to eat is either going to kill or prevent a disease or feed it. You’re either killing or feeding a disease anytime you eat something.


There’s a way to eat that generally supports longevity. All you need is the right information and then do as directed…


Getting your body to a sick state and then coming back to inject it with quick chemical oriented fix is not always the best way to go.


But you can always supplement your diet even when there’s no adequate available nutrient. 

The Healthy Food Pyramid - How You're Suppose To Feed.

It’s not only a lack of willpower that causes us to eat anyhow and gain weight. 


Sometimes it’s that stealthy bad habit you picked up without you realizing it, like rushing out the door without breakfast some mornings or snacking on chips in front of your favorite TV program. 


One small unhealthy behavior might quickly add up to a significant weight increase. Worse, you might not even be aware of what you’re doing to your nutrition.

The Unhealthy Food Pyramid - How You Actually Feed.

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